Relax. Restore. Renew.

The Space

It is my desire to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Please always let me know if you need more or less pressure, warmth, or music. If you need to take a sip of water or pause for a restroom break. We have time before your session to sit and check in. I can answer any questions you might have, and you have time to share anything you would like for me to know.

This is your time and I want you to receive in the way that is best for you.Perhaps that means you are sharing as things arise, or maybe relaxing fully and completely, even falling alseep. 

Know that the invitation is always there, to be present, with me as we navigate your body's unique story. I have an objective view that you do not, and you have a subjective direct felt expereince that I do not. Together we can precisely and compassionately explore the deepest most sacred places in your body. Breathe, movement, toning are just some of the ways we can start to dive more deeply into these held places. 

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